How do I use Charlie’s Arrow?
Charlie’s Arrow is specifically designed to be used on a golf putting green. The surface of the putting green may be naturally grown grass or synthetic lawn, both surfaces to allow the Arrow to be firmly affixed to surface.

  1. Charlie’s Arrow is pressed into surface with the arrow point facing in the direction of the putting cup.
  2. The ball is placed in center of aid ensuring contact is made with grass or synthetic surface and not with the aid specifically.
  3. Once in place, user addresses golf ball in the normal manner prior to executing a putt.
  4. Ball is struck in the direction in which the arrow point in facing. 

Out of what materials are Charlie's Arrow products made?
We currently offer Charlie’s Arrow in Polymer only. The Arrows are a strong polymer composition, providing strength and durability. Multi colored finishes, including colors such as red, yellow, blue, white, black, pink, orange, purple, grey and brown. Most colors contrasting with green surface on which the Arrow is affixed at the time of use. We plan on casting Charlie’s Arrows in Metal in the very near future.

What are the specs of Charlie’s Arrow?
Size -The specified aid is designed in a very basic manner making it simple to understand and practical and easy to use. Dimensions of both metal (available soon) and polymer versions are identical.

Length - Measuring 4 inches in length, outside diameter. Inside diameter is 3 inches, tapering to a point.
Width - Measuring 1 3/4 inches in width, outside diameter. Inside diameter is 1 inch, tapering to a point.
Thickness - Overall thickness of both metal and plastic materials is 1/32 inch.

How does Charlie’s Arrow stay put?
Three retention pins are fixed to the bottom of the Arrow for securing to grass or synthetic surfaces. One pin fixed at either side of aid. One pin fixed at point of aid. Length of pins are 3/8 inch.